Class TLcdGXYProcedureTrajectoryLegLabelPainter

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdGXYLabelPainter, ILcdGXYLabelPainterProvider, ILcdGXYMultiLabelPainter, Serializable, Cloneable

public class TLcdGXYProcedureTrajectoryLegLabelPainter extends Object implements ILcdGXYMultiLabelPainter, ILcdGXYLabelPainterProvider
A label painter for procedure trajectory legs. This class provides the exact same functionality as the GXYProcedureTrajectoryLegLabelPainter sample class, and is actually a wrapper around it. This construct allows to either use this label painter as-is, or to not use it at all and replace it with the identical GXYProcedureTrajectoryLegLabelPainter. As the source code of the latter is available as sample code, it can be customized. Please refer to GXYProcedureTrajectoryLegLabelPainter for an explanation of what this painter does.
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