In contrast to for example SHP data or GeoJSON data, the supported military symbology standards do not define a data format for storing military symbologies. As such, when working with military symbology data we create the ILcdModel through code and not by using an ILcdModelDecoder:

You can use the NVG (Nato Vector Graphics) data format if you want to (re)store military symbols from/to persistent storage.

In the following example, we create an APP6A model containing a single element:

// Create a model with a model reference and model descriptor.
// To indicate that a model contains APP-6A objects, the class
// TLcdAPP6AModelDescriptor can be used as model descriptor.
TLcdVectorModel app6AModel = new TLcdVectorModel(new TLcdGeodeticReference());
app6AModel.setModelDescriptor(new TLcdAPP6AModelDescriptor(null, "APP-6A", "APP-6A", null));

// Create an APP-6A symbol: an unmanned aerial vehicle unit. This symbol has one point
// that indicates its position. When a symbol is created, the minimum number of points
// needed to draw the symbol is created.
// A value for the text modifier "Unique Designation" is also set.
TLcdEditableAPP6AObject object =
    new TLcdEditableAPP6AObject("STGAUCVU----USG", ELcdAPP6Standard.APP_6A);
object.move2DPoint(0, 27, 46); // Move the object
object.putTextModifier(ILcdAPP6ACoded.sUniqueDesignation, "Regular");
app6AModel.addElement(object, ILcdFireEventMode.NO_EVENT);

This guide uses the APP-6A symbology to describe the military symbology functionality. The functionality available for MIL-STD 2525b is exactly the same.

You just need to substitute APP6A with MS2525b in all class names and method names, and app6a with milstd2525b in all package names.

In addition, the LuciadLightspeed support for APP-6B, APP-6C, APP-6D, MIL-STD 2525c and MIL-STD 2525d standards relies on the same APIs as its support for the APP-6A and MIL-STD 2525b standards. This means that you can use the APP-6A API in the same way for APP-6B, APP-6C and APP-6D symbology, and that you can use the MIL-STD 2525b API for MIL-STD 2525c and MIL-STD 2525d symbology.