The search box allows the Lucy user to search through all data loaded on the map, search for coordinates, and search through a geo-coding service.

How does it work?

The TLcySearchAddOn is responsible for the creation of the search UI.

The TLcySearchAddOn also provides the actual search logic.

How to customize it?

The only available customization options for the TLcySearchAddOn are the ones defined in the configuration file. It does not offer any API for customizations.

  • Configure or remove search services For example, the configuration file allows you to disable certain search services and configure the account details for the geo-coding service.

  • Modify search functionality The code of the TLcySearchAddOn is also available as sample code in the SearchAddOn sample class. If you replace our add-on with the sample SearchAddOn, you can start from the sample code to modify search functionality. This allows you to add your own search services, for example

    The package Javadoc of the package is a good starting point for getting familiar with the search add-on code, and the different concepts it uses.