Lucy uses the standard java.util.ResourceBundle mechanism to translate all text that is presented to a user.

For your convenience, it is wrapped in a TLcyLang utility class, which provides one static method getString( String ). The given parameter is the English text. The returned value is the text translation in the required language, provided the correct translation file is available.

Lucy retrieves translation files by searching for the file lucy/DefaultResources_*.properties, where the asterisk represents the required language, lucy/ for Dutch translations for example.

You set the language by using the -Duser.language=.. Java system property. Lucy supports three languages by default:

  • English (-Duser.language=en or any other unknown abbreviation)

  • Dutch (-Duser.language=nl)

  • French (-Duser.language=fr)

You can add additional languages by translating the file to those languages.

The Lucy internationalization approach is based on the standard Java concept of ResourceBundle. See for more information.