The majority of formats require the same two steps for visualization on a GXY view. To visualize IGRF Magnetic North data:

  1. Decode the data into an ILcdModel using an ILcdModelDecoder.

  2. Create an ILcdGXYLayer for the ILcdModel and add it to the ILcdGXYView.

//First create the model
//Decode the model by passing the source to the model decoder
ILcdModelDecoder decoder =
    new TLcdIGRFModelDecoder();
ILcdModel model = decoder.decode("Data/magneticnorth/igrf");

//Create a layer for the model using the layer factory
ILcdGXYLayer layer = new TLcdMagneticNorthGXYLayerFactory()
//Wrap the layer with an async layer wrapper to ensure
//that the view remains responsive while data is being painted
layer = ILcdGXYAsynchronousLayerWrapper.create(layer);

//Add the async layer to the GXY view (an ILcdGXYView)

This results in a IGRF Magnetic North layer with default styling. See Visualizing Vector Data for more information about visualizing and styling vector data.