By default, the point list of Military symbol’s TLcdEditableMS2525bObject and TLcdEditableAPP6AObject contain 2D points. If you want to visualize the military icons at an elevation, you need to replace the default point list by a 3D point list. The snippet below shows an example of how to replace the symbol’s default point list.

This will work for icon symbols but not for tactical graphics. The tactical graphics in the military standards are designed for 2D maps. They are not suitable to be painted at an elevation. We therefore always paint tactical graphics draped on the terrain in 3D views, regardless of which type of points you use in their point lists.

//First, we create a APP-6D object.
//create a friendly attack rotary wing icon
TLcdEditableAPP6AObject symbol = new TLcdEditableAPP6AObject("10030100001102000100", ELcdAPP6Standard.APP_6D);
symbol.putTextModifier(ILcdAPP6ACoded.sUniqueDesignation, "Friend");

//Then we replace the point list of the symbol with a 3d point list containing a point at a certain elevation
TLcd3DEditablePointList pointList = new TLcd3DEditablePointList();
pointList.insert3DPoint(0, 10, 10, 5000);

Once you replaced the point list, you can continue visualizing the symbol as you normally would. By adding them to a Lightspeed 3D view. Here is an example of what the symbol created in the above snippet would look like.

elevated icon symbol