The Lucy front-ends, TLcyMain or MapCentricFrontendMain, use their own configuration file:

  • config/lucy/lucy.cfg in case of TLcyMain

  • samples/frontend/mapcentric/map_centric_frontend.cfg in case of MapCentricFrontendMain

There are two options to override certain values from those configuration files.

  • Specify them as program argument to the main method.

    This mechanism is used in How to customize the add-ons used by your application to override the value of the addons property

  • Create a custom configuration file and pass that as argument to the main method using the properties option.

    • If you run TLcyMain.main or MapCentricFrontendMain.main directly, you must specify this program argument:

      -properties path/to/custom_frontend_config.xml
    • If you have your own main method that calls the main method in TLcyMain:

      TLcyMain.main(new String[]{"-properties", "path/to/custom_frontend_config.xml"});

      or the main method in MapCentricFrontendMain:

      MapCentricFrontendMain.main(new String[]{"-properties", "path/to/custom_frontend_config.xml"});
    • If you run the Lucy.bat or file:

      Lucy.bat -properties path/to/custom_frontend_config.xml

      This also works for LucyMapCentric.bat and

      It is recommended not to modify the configuration file directly. Instead, create a new file and use the includeConfig option to include the original file, exactly as you would do when customizing the configuration file of an add-on.