By default, Lucy loads only a low-resolution background data set. If you have access to better data, you probably want to show that data set whenever Lucy starts up.

How to do this depends on the mechanism you are currently using to create the map shown at start-up:

  • You load a workspace at start-up: the data shown at start-up is controlled by the workspace. Lucy loads all data sets specified in the workspace, and only those. If you want to change the data, you need to adjust the start-up workspace.

  • You create your own map at start-up: the data on the map is controlled by TLcyLspMapAddOn. In that case, you can specify the data sets that you want to load in the configuration file.

Adjusting the start-up workspace

  1. Start Lucy to load the start-up workspace, which contains a map.

  2. Load the data sets that you want to show at start-up from now on, and remove the layers you do not need.

    At this point, you can make additional changes to the map. You could fit the map on a different area, for example. The new fit will be respected when the workspace is loaded at the next start-up.

  3. Save the workspace and close Lucy.

  4. Configure the workspace you just saved as the workspace to load at start-up: adjust the value of the TLcyWorkspaceAddon.fallbackWorkspace property in the configuration file of the workspace add-on.

    TLcyWorkspaceAddon.fallbackWorkspace= path/to/new/workspace.lws

For more information about changing the configuration file of an existing add-on, see How to customize the configuration file of a standard Lucy add-on.

Adjusting the data on newly created maps

Not all maps are created through the workspace mechanism. For example, your application could allow its users to create new maps, or it may not use workspaces at all. The data that is added by default to any Lightspeed map is defined in the configuration file of the TLcyLspMapAddOn, through the TLcyLspMapAddOn.backgroundDataFileName.default property.

For example, to load the world.shp file and the default background data set, we would adjust the property to:

TLcyLspMapAddOn.backgroundDataFileName.default=Data/Earth/World/tilerepository.cfg, Data/Shp/World/world.shp

How to customize the configuration file of a standard Lucy add-on explains the recommended approach to adjust a configuration file.

The default Lucy application loads a workspace on start-up. The workspace controls the data that is loaded. Therefore, adjusting this property in the default Lucy will have no effect on the initial map. You must first change Lucy so that the application does not load a workspace at start-up.