The recommended way to add support for a configuration file to your ALcyAddOn is to let your add-on extend from ALcyPreferencesAddOn or one of its subclasses.

The ALcyPreferencesAddOn exposes a TLcyPreferencesTool which reads its preferences from a configuration file. For more information about the preferences tool, see Working with the TLcyPreferencesTool.

For example:

public class AddOnWithConfigFile extends ALcyPreferencesAddOn {
  public AddOnWithConfigFile() {

  public void plugInto(ILcyLucyEnv aLucyEnv) {

    //Obtain a reference to the preferences
    //This will contain all key-value pairs present in the configuration file of the add-on
    ALcyProperties preferences = getPreferences();

    //Obtain a value from the preferences
    String value = preferences.getString(getShortPrefix() + "myKey", null);

The location of the configuration file is specified in the <configFile> element of the addons.xml file. See Working with Lucy add-ons for more information about the addons.xml file.