To remove an item from an action bar, we add the insert=false property to the configuration file.

This article illustrates how to remove an item, but the steps outlined here can be used to change the other configuration options as well. See Action bar configuration options for an overview of the available options.

Detailed steps

  1. Find the IDs of the action bar item and action bar itself. Each action bar and action bar item has a unique identifier.

    For example, the ID of the File | Open action on a GXY map is TLcyMapAddOn.openFileAction, and the ID of the menu bar is menuBar. See How to find the IDs of the available actions, tool bars, menu bars and pop-up menus for more information on finding the ID.

  2. Find the relevant configuration file.

    You need to find the configuration file in which the action bar item is currently configured. In most cases, you need to look for the configuration file of the add-on responsible for the functionality provided by the action bar item.

    For example, the TLcyMapAddOn is responsible for the functionality provided by the File | Open action. Therefore, you need to look for the configuration file map_addon.cfg.

    For the majority of default action bar items, you can identify the responsible add-on through the short prefix of the item ID. The File | Open action item ID is TLcyMapAddon.openFileAction, for instance.

    Another option is to use your IDE (or any other tool with search capabilities) to search all the configuration files in the product for the ID of the action item.

  3. Use a custom configuration file to remove the item. To remove an item, you need to use a custom configuration file including a line with the following syntax:

    itemID.actionBarID.insert = false

    For example, to remove the File | Open action from the menu bar for a GXY map, add the following line to the map_addon.cfg file:

    # Include the original file
    # Introduce a custom property
    TLcyMapAddOn.openFileAction.menuBar.insert = false

    See How to customize the configuration file of a standard Lucy add-on for more information about using custom configuration files.