You have your own editable format, and you want to show the format-specific tool bar with all the shape creation actions in the side bar of Lucy MapCentric.

lucy map centric sidebar

Why do it?

The Lucy MapCentric UI has been designed to place all shape creation actions in the left side bar. You want this side bar to show the actions for your custom format.

How to do it?

  1. Register an ALcyFormatBarFactory to the Lucy back-end. Typically this is created in the ALcyLspFormat.createFormatBarFactory method.

  2. Use a TLcyToolBar as return value for ALcyFormatBar.getComponent, and make sure the TLcyToolBar is a configured action bar by calling TLcyActionBarUtil.setupAsConfiguredActionBar:

    final class MyCustomFormatBar extends ALcyFormatBar {
      private final TLcyToolBar fToolBar = new TLcyToolBar();
      private final ILcdAction fAction;
      public MyCustomFormatBar(TLcyLspMapComponent aLspMapComponent,
                               ALcyProperties aProperties,
                               String aShortPrefix,
                               ILcyLucyEnv aLucyEnv) {
        //Make the tool bar a configured action bar
        TLcyActionBarManager actionBarManager = aLucyEnv.getUserInterfaceManager().getActionBarManager();
        String actionBarID = "myCustomFormatBar";
                                                     (JComponent) aLspMapComponent.getComponent(),
        //Create your actions and active settables to include in the tool bar
        fAction = ...;
        fAction.putValue(TLcyActionBarUtil.ID_KEY, aShortPrefix + "myActionIdentifier");
        //Insert the actions and active settables
        TLcyActionBarUtil.insertInConfiguredActionBar(fAction, aLspMapComponent, aProperties, actionBarManager);
      protected void updateForLayer(ILcdLayer aPreviousLayer, ILcdLayer aLayer) {
        //This method is called when a layer for this format bar is selected
        //Normally the actions present in this format bar operate on a layer,
        //and will have a setter for the layer
        //Use that setter to pass the new layer to the action
      public boolean canSetLayer(ILcdLayer aLayer) {
        //check whether the layer is supported by this format bar
      public Component getComponent() {
        return fToolBar.getComponent();

    The Supporting custom data in Lucy tutorials contain example format bar implementations.

  3. Populate the TLcyToolBar with actions and active settables using TLcyActionBarUtil#insertInConfiguredActionBars, as illustrated above.

  4. Modify the configuration file of the SideFormatBarAddOn (samples/resources/samples/frontend/mapcentric/formatbar/SideBarFormatBarAddOn.cfg), and add the name of your configured action bar to the property SideBarFormatBarAddOn.formatBarNames. In case of this example, the name is "myCustomFormatBar".