If you have access to the LuciadLightspeed API, you can also use the API to query for all available coverages as explained in this article.

You can query a LuciadFusion tile store for all its available coverages by sending a POST request to the server with the query in the body.

In this article, we use the PostMan app to send the request to the following LTS service: https://sampleservices.luciad.com/lts?SERVICE=LTS.

The info in this article is not restricted to the PostMan app. You can use it with any tool capable of sending POST requests.

The URL to send the request to is the one of the LTS service with as query parameter VERSION=1.1.1. This is needed to indicate which version of LTS the query will use:

lts coverages postman url

As our query in the body of the request is XML, we set the Content-Type header to application/xml:

lts coverages postman headers

In the body, we specify the following query:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<lts:Query xmlns:lts="http://www.luciad.com/lts/1.1.1">
  <lts:Query typeName="COVERAGE"/>
lts coverages postman body

After sending the request, we get an XML response containing the metadata of all available coverages, including the id of each coverage. For example for coverage

<lts:RasterCoverageMetadata globalUpdateSequence="1465806669242" id="09999188-04b5-4551-9df0-467152738c50" updateSequence="3">

the id is 09999188-04b5-4551-9df0-467152738c50.