To limit a selection to a subset of objects, filter the list of selection candidates in the selection controller model:

public class FilteredSelectControllerModel extends TLspSelectControllerModel {
  private final ILcdFilter<TLspDomainObjectContext> fFilter;

  public FilteredSelectControllerModel(ILcdFilter<TLspDomainObjectContext> aFilter) {
    fFilter = aFilter;

  public List<TLspDomainObjectContext> selectionCandidates(ALspSelectInput aInput,
                                                           Set<TLspPaintRepresentation> aRepresentations,
                                                           boolean aMultiple,
                                                           ILspView aView) {
    List<TLspDomainObjectContext> originalCandidates = super.selectionCandidates(aInput, aRepresentations, aMultiple, aView);
    //Use the filter passed in the constructor to filter the selection candidates

You must install the controller model on the TLspSelectController by passing it in the constructor, or by calling the setControllerModel method.