The samples.ogc.wcs.server package contains a sample that illustrates how to configure a WCS server through the API. The sample includes a simple implementation of a command dispatcher factory that supports all the formats whose model decoder can be found by the default implementation of ALcdOGCWCSCommandDispatcherFactory.createModelDecoderFactory, namely TLcdOGCModelDecoderFactory. This class uses the service loader mechanism to automatically pick up all ILcdModelDecoders annotated with @LcdService(service = ILcdModelDecoder.class). E.g. GeoTIFF, RST files are supported like that out of the box.

Configuration of data sources

The sample relies on an XML file wcs.coverages.xml that defines the data to be offered as WCS coverages. The name of this XML file is configurable through the wcs.coverages.cfg parameter defined in web.xml deployment descriptor. By default, the file lists a few data sources from the sample data.