This guide contains a few WCS specific performance guidelines. See OGC Server performance guidelines and tips for general OGC server performance tips, applicable to WMS, WCS and WFS servers.

When using raster data, use multi-leveled and tiled datasets

Most raster implementations in LuciadLightspeed use lazy loading to retrieve pixel data, so efficient raster loading is important to optimize the performance of raster painters. Tiled datasets allow you to decode only that portion of the data that is actually needed: the data that is visible on the map. Multi-leveled datasets offer multiple levels of detail for the same image, which allows to decode the level of detail that best matches the scale of the map. Whether these techniques are used depends on the data format and the structure of the data source.

For more information about optimized raster data formats and how to optimize inefficient data, please refer to the LuciadLightspeed performance guidelines.