You can enable the editing of values in a tree table view for ILcdDataObject instances.

To do so, register a ILcyCustomizerPanelFactory for the instances of TLcdDataPropertyValueContext you want to support.

A TLcdDataPropertyValueContext is a context object that contains all information about the value of a data property:

  • The data object

  • An expression that points to the property

  • The model

  • The layer

  • The view

The customizer panel can then override the value itself, allowing the tree table view functionality to update the model.

Some utility classes are available to make it easy to edit basic properties. The TLcyDataPropertyValueFilters offers some convenience methods to create filters for specific data properties. Those filters can be used to create a customizer panel factory using TLcyDataPropertyValueCustomizerPanelFactories.

The sample samples.lucy.editabletables.addon.EditableTablesAddOn sample demonstrates how to do this.