Setting up mandatory attributes

You can set a new style on a plot layer at runtime, but if the new style uses attributes that were not loaded previously, the layer will have to process the new attributes. This can be costly.

To prevent such costly processing of new attributes, you can set the superset of all attributes you may need up front using TLspLIDARLayerBuilder.mandatoryAttributes().

For .las layers, the following attributes are loaded by default: height, color, classification, intensity and infra-red.

Increasing the GL resource cache size

Because LIDAR data typically consists of many millions of points, it can take up a large amount of video memory. LuciadLightspeed has a limit on the amount of data in its cache. If this limit is too low, there can be a severe impact on performance.

To increase this cache size, use the following system property, with values in megabytes: -Dcom.luciad.view.lightspeed.opengl.cacheSize=768.