The DAFIF Edition 7 decoders and the DAFIF Edition 8 decoders create the same type of DAFIF objects. Therefore, DAFIF and DAFIFT layers can be created in the same way.

Creating GXY layers for DAFIF data

The class com.luciad.format.dafif.TLcdDAFIFDefaultLayerFactory is an ILcdGXYLayerFactory that creates an ILcdGXYLayer for models decoded by the DAFIF decoder.

This layer factory supports the configuration of a number of display settings, such as colors and line widths of routes and air spaces. The possible configuration settings are listed in TLcdDAFIFLayerConfiguration. To configure these settings, create an instance of TLcdDAFIFLayerConfiguration, initialize it with a Properties object containing a particular configuration, and set it on the layer factory using the method setLayerConfiguration(TLcdDAFIFLayerConfiguration).

You can also supply a Properties object to the constructor of TLcdDAFIFDefaultLayerFactory as an initial configuration, although this is redundant with calling its default constructor, and setting a layer configuration afterwards.

When the supplied model is of type TLcdModelList, the layer factory will create a TLcdGXYLayerList that contains one layer per sub-model in the model list.

You can add the created layers directly to any ILcdGXYView. The symbology used for icons is based on ICAO guidelines.

Of course, it is also possible to create custom layers for models decoded by the DAFIF decoder. The models produced by the DAFIF decoder contain standard AIS domain objects.