Handling non-standard input

Non-standard input is handled in the same way in a GXY view and a Lightspeed view.

For more information, see Handling non-standard input. That section explains how you can dispatch custom TLcdTouchEvent instances and other input events into your LuciadLightspeed application. It also contains the necessary information for making your custom touch device work with the existing LuciadLightspeed touch controllers.

The creation of TLcdTouchEvent instances is demonstrated in the samples.lightspeed.touch.touchEvents sample. In this sample, touch hardware is simulated by an object that generates a stream of hardware events. These hardware events are then converted to TLcdTouchEvent instances and dispatched.

Handling touch input

If you are using a touch-based input device, you can make use of LuciadLightspeed 's built-in touch controllers. These controllers are designed for touch input specifically. They provide visual and touch-based alternatives for the traditional mouse and keyboard input, and provide multi-touch input.

The main touch implementations are:

See Handling non-standard input for more information on the touch input device support in LuciadLightspeed.