For Lightspeed maps, the API provides a single entry point for editing and visualizing AIXM 5.1 data: TLspAIXMStyler. The styler can be set on a LuciadLightspeed layer containing an AIXM 5.1 Abstract Message. See the javadoc of the styler for more details about the supported features and how they are styled.

The Lightspeed AIXM sample illustrates how to add AIXM 5.1 data to a Lightspeed map, by demonstrating a sample implementation of ILspLayerFactory. The implementation is called samples.decoder.aixm51.lightspeed.AIXM51LayerFactory, and configures a regular Lightspeed layer with a TLspAIXMStyler.

Custom styling support

It is also possible to choose your own styling of AIXM 5.1 features. The styling has to be defined as an SLD feature type style. SLD is a powerful rule-based styling mechanism developed by the OGC, defined as an XML format. LuciadLightspeed already supports these styles by default, but now they can also be easily applied to AIXM 5.1 features. See the javadoc on setSLDFeatureTypeStyle method in the TLcdAIXM51GXYPainterEditorProvider and TLspAIXMStyler classes for more details.

The AIXM 5.1 painters not only allow you to set a style but also allow access to predefined styles. This makes it easier for application developers to allow style customization as they can allow their users to customize an existing style instead of having to write one from scratch. See the getSLDFeatureTypeStyle method in the TLcdAIXM51GXYPainterEditorProvider and TLspAIXMStyler for more details.