As the AIS domain objects all implement the ILcdPoint or ILcdPointList interface, it is easy to create custom painters starting from the standard LuciadLightspeed point and point list painters. A default visualization mechanism is already included in the format.aixm package, namely by the layer factory TLcdAIXMDefaultLayerFactory . This class uses the painters provided by the LuciadLightspeed AIS API, which are specifically designed for the various AIS domain objects.


The TLcdAIXMDefaultLayerFactory class is an implementation of ILcdGXYLayerFactory that creates an ILcdGXYLayer for models decoded by the AIXM decoder. This layer factory supports the configuration of a number of display settings, such as colors and line widths of routes and airspaces. These settings are defined in a TLcdAIXMLayerConfiguration object, which can be set on the layer factory. The available configuration settings and their default values are listed in the reference documentation of TLcdAIXMLayerConfiguration .

You can also supply a Properties object to the constructor of TLcdAIXMDefaultLayerFactory as an initial configuration, although this is redundant with calling its default constructor, and setting a layer configuration afterwards.

Note that when a model list is supplied to the layer factory, a TLcdGXYLayerList is created with a single layer for each individual model. The created layers can be added directly to any ILcdGXYView. The symbology used for icons is based on ICAO guidelines.