You can calculate visibility in two modes:

  • Regular mode, which checks whether the observer can see the observed object.

  • Sky-in-background mode, where the observer can only see the observed object if the observed object has the sky in the background at the time of the observation.

    For example, if a human looks at a helicopter in green camouflage colors flying in front of a hill covered with trees in green foliage, the human cannot see the helicopter because the background is not the sky.

    Thanks to the camouflage colors of the helicopter, it is indistinguishable from the trees on the hill behind it.

You can switch between the two modes through the TLcyShapeVisibilityAddOn.VisibilityCalculationProperties.p2pPropagationFunction property in the configuration file of the TLcyShapeVisibilityAddOn. . Changing this property switches the ILcdP2PPropagationFunction used for the calculation.

If you want to use a custom ILcdP2PProgationFunction, you can replace the ILcyVisibilityCalculationPropertiesProvider. The provider is created in the TLcyShapeVisibilityAddOn. You can replace it by overriding the createVisibilityCalculationPropertiesProvider method.