The TEA calculations get the elevation values at different points on the map from an ILcdAltitudeProvider.

You can switch between two implementations of the altitude provider in the configuration file of the add-on:

  • A fast, but less accurate altitude provider: the fast altitude provider uses the elevation data that is already available in the view for painting. Because the data is already loaded, requesting the data is a fast process.

    This altitude provider also has a disadvantage: if the models of certain layers contain more detailed elevation data than what is currently loaded in the view, the more detailed data is ignored.

  • A provider that queries the model for detailed elevation data. This results in more detailed elevation data at the performance cost of having to retrieve that data.

To switch between the two altitude providers, open the configuration file of the TLcyShapeVisibilityAddOn, and change the TLcyShapeVisibilityAddOn.useModelElevationData property.

If you want to use a custom height provider, you can override the TLcyShapeVisibilityAddOn.createTerrainAltitudeProvider method.