Where can you find the right tools in the LuciadLightspeed API to perform fairly common geometric calculations?

How can you perform geometric calculations in LuciadLightspeed?

LuciadLightspeed allows you to perform several geometric calculations. For example, you can:

  • Calculate the length of a geodesic line defined by two points

  • Calculate the azimuth of a rhumbline defined by two points

  • Calculate the geodesic area of a polygon

  • Determine if there is an overlap between two shapes

To perform those types of operations in LuciadLightspeed, you simply have to call the right methods. Here’s where to look for them across the LuciadLightspeed API.

Common geometry calculations in the Geodesy package

The LuciadLightspeed API contains the package com.luciad.geodesy. This package offers classes that perform many common geometric calculations.


ILcdEllipsoid is an interface that defines an ellipsoid in LuciadLightspeed. It also defines a bunch of utility methods for performing geometric calculations. ILcdEllipsoid is sufficient to perform most of the basic calculations:

  • geodesicDistance() to return the shortest distance between two points on an ellipsoid

  • forwardAzimuth2D() to return the azimuth direction of the geodesic line from two points

  • geodesicPointSFCT() to return the geodesic coordinate of a point with a certain direction and distance

  • geodesicArea() to return the geodesic area of a polygon

  • intersects2DLS() to determine if two lines intersect

There are also a few methods to perform calculations with rhumblines, such as rhumblineDistance(), rhumblineAzimuth2D() and rhumblinePointSFCT().

There is a default ILcdEllipsoid implementation called TLcdEllipsoid. To retrieve an instance of ILcdEllipsoid, call getEllipsoid() from an instance of ILcdGeodeticDatum.

If you are looking for Cartesian equivalents of these geodetic calculations, try the TLcdCartesian utility class in the com.luciad.geometry package.

Geodesy utility classes

If you need more than the functionality provided by ILcdEllipsoid, check the utility classes in the geodesy package:

Advanced geometric calculations with the Advanced GIS Engine

The Advanced GIS Engine component provides support for the calculation of binary topological relations, intersection points, the convex hull, and constructive boolean operations of shapes in 2D spaces.

If you need to perform those types of calculations, see Geometry to find out more about them.