The TLcdCSVModelDecoder is set up to assume that each column represents a String. The resulting TLcdDataModel reflects the String defaults.

You can override those defaults by placing a .csvt file in the folder containing the .csv file. The .csvt file must have the same name as the .csv file.

See the GDAL documentation and the GeoCSV specification for more information about this file. In addition to the specification it is possible to specify a 'GeoJson' (case-insensitive) data type or a 'coordinates' (case-insensitive) data type which can be used in the .csvt file.

Examples of the supported values for the coordinates type:

  • Latitude longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds): 55°45'22",037°41'01"

  • Latitude longitude (Decimal Degrees): 55.7561°, 037.6836°

  • Latitude longitude (Decimal Degrees micro): 55.756112N037.683562E

  • Latitude longitude (Degrees, Decimal Minutes): 5545.3667N03741.0137E

  • Latitude longitude (Degrees, Minutes, Decimal Seconds): 554522.00N 0374100.82E

  • Georef: QKHL41014536

  • Latitude longitude (military style): 554522N0374101E

  • UTM KM: 37UDB1779

  • UTM M: 37UDB1738379720