Class ALspStyler

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Direct Known Subclasses:
ALspCustomizableStyler, ALspLabelStyler, ALspToggleStyler, TLspCGMStyler, TLspEditableStyler, TLspEditHandleStyler, TLspMIFStyler, TLspNVGStyler, TLspPOLStyler, TLspScaleBasedStyler, TLspSnapperStyler, TLspStyler, TLspVPFGeoSymLabelStyler, TLspVPFGeoSymStyler

public abstract class ALspStyler extends Object implements ILspStyler
Abstract base class for ILspStyler implementations. This class provides convenience methods for handling style changes. ILspStyler implementations that do not throw style changes can also consider to implement ILspStyler directly.
  • Constructor Details

    • ALspStyler

      public ALspStyler()
  • Method Details

    • addStyleChangeListener

      public void addStyleChangeListener(ILspStyleChangeListener aListener)
      Description copied from interface: ILspStyler
      Registers a style change listener with this styler. Appropriate events will be passed to this listener whenever a style changes.
      Specified by:
      addStyleChangeListener in interface ILspStyler
      aListener - the style change listener to add
    • removeStyleChangeListener

      public void removeStyleChangeListener(ILspStyleChangeListener aListener)
      Description copied from interface: ILspStyler
      Unregisters a style change listener from this styler.
      Specified by:
      removeStyleChangeListener in interface ILspStyler
      aListener - the style change listener to remove
    • fireStyleChangeEvent

      public void fireStyleChangeEvent(ILcdModel aAffectedModel, Collection<Object> aAffectedObjects, Collection<ALspStyle> aAffectedStyles)

      Creates a style change event and notifies all listeners. This method fires a style change event for the specified model, objects and/or styles.

      aAffectedModel - the model the affected objects belong to. Can be null.
      aAffectedObjects - the list of objects that were affected. Can be null.
      aAffectedStyles - the list of styles that were affected. Can be null.
      See Also:
    • fireStyleChangeEvent

      public void fireStyleChangeEvent()
      Creates a style change event with empty model, affected objects and styles and notifies all listeners.

      Use the more specific fireStyleChangeEvent(com.luciad.model.ILcdModel, java.util.Collection, java.util.Collection) method if more information is known.

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