Interface ILspLabelingAlgorithmProvider<T extends ILspLabelingAlgorithm>

public interface ILspLabelingAlgorithmProvider<T extends ILspLabelingAlgorithm>
This interface defines a method to retrieve a labeling algorithm for a label. This interface is used by TLspCompositeLabelingAlgorithm and TLspCompositeDiscreteLabelingAlgorithm.
  • Method Details

    • getLabelingAlgorithm

      T getLabelingAlgorithm(TLspLabelID aLabel, TLspPaintState aPaintState, TLspContext aContext)
      This method returns a labeling algorithm for the given domain object and sublabel ID. It is permitted to return the same algorithm for different objects.
      aLabel - The label for which to retrieve an algorithm
      aPaintState - The paint state. This is context information.
      aContext - The context
      a labeling algorithm.