Class TLspCreateCurveEditorModel


public class TLspCreateCurveEditorModel extends ALspCreateEditorModel<ILcdCurve>
Default ALspCreateEditorModel implementation that has support for creating circular arcs by bulge, circular arc by 3 points, and polylines.

The current type is initially set to CIRCULAR_ARC_BY_BULGE, but can be changed using the setCurrentType method.

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  • Constructor Details

    • TLspCreateCurveEditorModel

      public TLspCreateCurveEditorModel()
      Creates a new curve create model.

      The current type of the create model is set by default to CIRCULAR_ARC_BY_BULGE.

  • Method Details

    • create

      public ILcdCurve create(TLspContext aContext)
      Description copied from class: ALspCreateEditorModel
      Creates a new shape, based on the given context. The output of this method is assumed to be constant over time (i.e. of the same type). If the type changes, the fireChangeEvent method should be called to notify all listeners of this create editor model.
      Specified by:
      create in class ALspCreateEditorModel<ILcdCurve>
      aContext - context information. Contains the view and layer for which the shape should be created. Important here is that the created shape is defined in the same reference as the model in this context.
      a new shape
    • getNextType

      public TLspCreateCurveEditorModel.Type getNextType()
      Gets the current created type.
      the current curve type
    • setNextType

      public void setNextType(TLspCreateCurveEditorModel.Type aNextType)
      Sets the next created type.
      aNextType - the new curve type