Interface ILspScaleLevelProvider

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public interface ILspScaleLevelProvider

This interface provides a method to retrieve scale levels for a point in the view.

This interface is used by TLspZoomController and is used to snap to the provided scale levels when using ctrl-zoom.

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    • getScaleLevels

      ILspScaleLevelProvider.ScaleLevel[] getScaleLevels(int aX, int aY, ILspView aView)

      Returns the scale levels for the given view point. The scales should be in order, from smallest to largest. The scale levels can be based on the given view coordinate, for example the ideal scales for a raster under this view position.

      aX - an x view coordinate
      aY - an y view coordinate
      aView - the view
      the scale levels for the given view point, in toolkit pixels/world unit