Class ALspActionController

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdAWTEventListener, ILspController
Direct Known Subclasses:
TLspClickActionController, TLspKeyActionController

public abstract class ALspActionController extends ALspController
Base class for a controller that triggers instances of ILcdAction when receiving certain input events. An example usage could be to trigger a popup menu when the user right-clicks a particular location.
  • Constructor Details

    • ALspActionController

      public ALspActionController()
      Default constructor for ALspActionController.
  • Method Details

    • performAction

      protected final void performAction(AWTEvent aAWTEvent, ILcdAction aAction)
      Call this method to execute an action.
      aAWTEvent - the event triggering the action.
      aAction - the action to be executed.
    • createActionEvent

      protected ActionEvent createActionEvent(AWTEvent aSourceEvent)
      Constructs the ActionEvent that will be used to fire the ILcdAction associated with this controller in response to the given AWTEvent.

      If the incoming event is a MouseEvent or TLcdTouchEvent, this method will return a TLcdActionAtLocationEvent. The location is either the mouse location, of the location of the modified touch point. Otherwise, it will return a standard ActionEvent.

      aSourceEvent - the event that caused this controller's action to be fired
      the event that will be passed to the action when firing it