Package com.luciad.view.labeling.algorithm

package com.luciad.view.labeling.algorithm

This package contains the core classes that can be used to create labeling algorithms.

Labeling information classes

The following classes are used to store labeling information.

The first three classes are used to store all labeling information needed to compute label placements. TLcdCollectedLabeledObjectInfo contains necessary information to identify a labeled object and TLcdCollectedLabelInfo contains the necessary information to identify a label. TLcdLabelPlacement contains all the information about a label placement.

Also in most of these classes extra information can be stored in the form of properties. This is done to make sure that labeling algorithm wrappers can use the same information as the wrapped labeling algorithms.


ILcdLabelConflictChecker provides methods to check if TLcdLabelPlacements overlap with other label placements, label obstacles or the view bounds. For more information about this interface, see ILcdLabelConflictChecker.

This package provides two implementations of ILcdLabelConflictChecker :


ILcdCollectedLabelInfoDependencyProvider can be used to specify and retrieve dependencies between TLcdCollectedLabelInfo objects. For more information about this interface, see ILcdCollectedLabelInfoDependencyProvider.