Uses of Class

Packages that use TLcdCollectedLabelInfoList
This package contains the class TLcdAIXM51GXYPainterEditorProvider, which can be used as a (label) painter provider and (label) editor provider to visualize and/or edit AIXM 5.1 data.
Conversion of SLD Feature Type Style model into ILcdGXYPainter/ILcdGXYLabelPainter implementations which can be used in an ILcdGXYView.
Handles the labeling of realtime data for GXY layers.
Handles GXY labeling algorithms.
Handles discrete placements labeling algorithms.
This package contains utility classes that can be used to implement ILcdGXYLabelingAlgorithms.
This package contains the core classes that can be used to create labeling algorithms.