Interface ILcdHeightProvider

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TLcdCompositeHeightProvider, TLcdEarthTileSetElevationProviderAdapter, TLcdFixedHeightProvider, TLcdImageHeightProvider, TLcdInterpolatingRasterHeightProvider, TLcdRasterHeightProvider, TLcdTransformedHeightProvider, TLcdViewHeightProvider

public interface ILcdHeightProvider extends ILcdBounded
This interface provides height values for 2D points inside known bounds. The spatial reference of the points, of the bounds, and of the resulting elevations is determined by the implementation of this interface.

This interface can be used to retrieve height values from data like rasters, terrains with buildings, ...

ILcdHeightProviders are typically created by an ILcdModelHeightProviderFactory.

Sample Code

 // Create a height provider factory.
 ILcdModelHeightProviderFactory factory = ...

 // Specify the desired properties for the height provider.
 Map<String, Object> requiredProperties = ...
 Map<String, Object> optionalProperties = ...

 // Create a height provider from a model.
 ILcdHeightProvider heightProvider =
   factory.createHeightProvider(aModel, requiredProperties, optionalProperties);

 // Retrieve height values using this height provider.
 double height = heightProvider.retrieveHeightAt(new TLcdLonLatPoint(10.0,  20.0));

See also Retrieving height data for 2D points.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns the height at the given point.

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  • Method Details

    • retrieveHeightAt

      double retrieveHeightAt(ILcdPoint aPoint)
      Returns the height at the given point.
      aPoint - a 2D point, in the horizontal reference that is determined by the implementation.
      the elevation at the given point, in the vertical reference that is determined by the implementation. The value may also be Double.NaN, if the elevation is not known.