Class TLspPlotStyle

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILspWorldElevationStyle, ILspStyler

public class TLspPlotStyle extends TLspPlotStyle
The plot painting functionality has been move to Lightspeed, please use TLspPlotStyle instead.
This style represents a set of properties for point objects that can be controlled through expressions.

Construction of this style is done through its TLspPlotStyle.Builder.

Each property is calculated by an expression:

  • Visibility: determines whether the object is displayed or not
  • Icon: determines the icon to display
  • Scale: a scale factor applied to the icon
  • Color: a modulation color applied to the icon
  • Opacity: additional transparency applied to the icon
Additionally, you can enable other behavior:
  • Orientation: whether the icons should be rotated to match the orientation of the domain object, or be aligned with the screen.
  • Automatic scaling: varies the size of icons depending on the view's zoom level. This is strongly recommended for performance reasons. See TLspPlotStyle.Builder.automaticScaling(double) for details.

For defaults, see TLspPlotStyle.Builder.


   ILcdExpression<Boolean> visibilityExpression = eq(idAttribute, constant(43));
   ILcdExpression<ILcdIcon> iconExpression = ifThenElse(eq(classAttribute, constant(12)), someIcon, otherIcon);
   ILcdExpression<Float> opacityExpression = fraction(fuelBurnAttribute, 0, 13000);
   TLspPlotStyle style = TLspPlotStyle.newBuilder()
In this example, the object is visible if its ID is 43. The icon is determined by a class attribute, and the opacity depends on its fuel burn attribute.

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