Package com.luciad.ogc.sld.model

package com.luciad.ogc.sld.model
Model objects for SLD Feature Type Styles implementing the OGC 05-077r4, Symbology encoding standard, version 1.1.0, and the deprecated OGC 02-070 standard, Styled Layer Descriptor Implementation Specification, version 1.0.

The SLD prefix of the classes in this package refers to the older version of the standard, but they are equally usable for the newer SE (Symbology Encoding) standard.

  • Class
    Grouping class for all symbolizer types.
    This class provides access to the data model and the types of
    An anchor point defines the location of a graphic or label relative to the bounds of this graphic / label.
    The ChannelSelection element specifies the false-color channel selection for a multi-spectral raster source (such as a multi-band satellite-imagery source).
    A "ColorMap" defines either the colors of a palette-type raster source or the mapping of numeric pixel values to colors.
    Entry for a TLcdSLDColorMap.
    The ContrastEnhancement element defines contrast enhancement for a channel of a false-color image or for a color image.
    Gives an informative description of the object it is contained in.
    Displacement contains the delta in two dimensions with regard to the original position of the enclosing element.
    An ExternalGraphic gives a reference to an external raster or vector graphical object.
    A FeatureTypeStyle contains styling information specific to one feature type.
    A builder for SLD Feature Type Styles.
    A "Fill" specifies the pattern for filling an area geometry.
    A "Font" element specifies the text font to use.
    A Geometry gives reference to a (the) geometry property of a feature to be used for rendering.
    A Graphic specifies or refers to a "graphic symbol" with inherent shape, size, and coloring.
    A builder for SLD graphics.
    A "Halo" fills an extended area outside the glyphs of a rendered text label to make the label easier to read over a background.
    Represents a Histogram contrast enhancement operation, applicable to raster data styling.
    "ImageOutline" specifies how individual source rasters in a multi-raster set (such as a set of satellite-image scenes) should be outlined to make the individual-image locations visible.
    "InlineContent" is XML- or base64-encoded encoded content in some externally-defined format that is included in an SLD in-line.
    An enumeration containing possible encoding types.
    The "LabelPlacement" specifies where and how a text label should be rendered relative to a geometry.
    A "LinePlacement" specifies how a text label should be rendered relative to a linear geometry.
    A LineSymbolizer is used to render a "stroke" along a linear geometry.
    A builder for SLD line symbolizers.
    A Mark specifies a geometric shape and applies coloring to it.
    Represents a Normalize contrast enhancement operation, applicable to raster data styling.
    An OnlineResource typically specifies a HTTP URL to a resource (e.g. an image).
    The OverlapBehavior element tells a system how to behave when multiple raster images in a layer overlap each other.
    The "ParameterValue" uses OGC Filter expressions to give values for SLD graphic parameters.
    A point placement specifies how a text label should be rendered relative to a geometric point.
    A builder for SLD an point placement.
    A PointSymbolizer specifies the rendering of a "graphic symbol" at a point.
    A builder for SLD point symbolizers.
    A PolygonSymbolizer specifies the rendering of a polygon or area geometry, including its interior fill and border stroke.
    A builder for SLD polygon symbolizers.
    A RasterSymbolizer is used to specify the rendering of raster/matrix-coverage data (e.g., satellite images, DEMs).
    A builder for SLD raster symbolizers.
    A rule is used to attach property/scale conditions to and group the individual symbolizers used for rendering.
    A builder for SLD rules.
    Contains a selected channel type and whether to use contrast enhancement to this channel in isolation.
    Shaded relief specifies the application of relief shading (or "hill shading") to a elevation raster to give it somewhat of a three-dimensional effect and to make elevation changes more visible.
    A "Stroke" specifies the appearance of a linear geometry.
    A TextSymbolizer contains styling information to render text labels according to various graphical parameters.
    A builder for SLD text symbolizers.
    Defines a vendor option for a symbolizer, consisting of a name and a value.