Class TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteDataProperties


public final class TLcdDAFIFMilitaryTrainingRouteDataProperties extends Object
This class provides easy access to the properties of the MilitaryTrainingRoute type.
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      public static final TLcdDataProperty IDENTIFIER
      The identifier of the military training route. The identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ORIGINATING_ACTIVITY
      The military unit designated as the originating activity. The originating activity is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty SCHEDULING_ACTIVITY
      The military unit responsible for scheduling all military training route flights. The scheduling activity is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ICAO_REGION
      The first two letters of the ICAO location identifier of the military training route representing the ICAO region code.

      This feature is of the type String.


      public static final TLcdDataProperty COUNTRY_CODE
      A code indicating the country in which the military training route originates. The country code is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty EFFECTIVE_TIMES
      The hours, days and/or dates that this military training route is to be in effect. The effect times is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ORIGINAL_DATUM
      The original datum in which the geometry was encoded. Values are instances of ILcdGeodeticDatum.