Class TLcdDAFIFLocalizerDataProperties


public final class TLcdDAFIFLocalizerDataProperties extends Object
This class provides easy access to the properties of the Localizer type.
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  • Field Details


      public static final TLcdDataProperty AIRPORT_IDENTIFIER
      The identification of the aerodrome to which the localizer relates. The aerodrome identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty RUNWAY_IDENTIFIER
      The identification of the runway served by the localizer. The runway identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty COMPONENT_TYPE
      A code indicating which part of an ILS or MLS installation is represented by the localizer.

      The component type of a localizer will always be 'Z'.

      The component type is of the type Character.


      public static final TLcdDataProperty COLLOCATION
      A code indicating how a locator or navaid is collocated. The collocation is of the type String.
    • NAME

      public static final TLcdDataProperty NAME
      The official name of assigned to the localizer. The name is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty FREQUENCY
      The frequency value of the ILS localizer. The frequency is of the type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty FREQUENCY_UNIT
      The unit of measurement of the frequency. The frequency unit is of the type TLcdFrequencyUnit.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty LOCATION
      The distance in feet from the localizer antenna to the runway end. The location is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ILS_MLS_CATEGORY
      The performance category of the localizer. The ILS/MLS category is of the type TLcdILSMLSCategoryType.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MAGNETIC_VARIATION
      The angular difference between True North and Magnetic North. The magnetic variation is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ILS_BEARING
      The bearing of the localizer beam, leading to the localizer antenna. The bearing is of the type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ILS_BEARING_TYPE
      The type of the ILS bearing (grid, magnetic or true). The bearing type is of the type TLcdBearingType.
    • WIDTH

      public static final TLcdDataProperty WIDTH
      The localizer course with in degrees. The width is of the type Double.