The LuciadFusion product is an all-in-one server solution to serve geospatial data to GIS clients using standard OGC protocols. There are two approaches to set up such a server:

  • Using LuciadFusion Studio and LuciadFusion Platform.

    LuciadFusion Studio is an extensible, web-based end-user application to manage your Geospatial data and serve that data to clients. It supports the following standard OGC protocols (WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS, CSW, 3D Tiles) and the LuciadFusion Tile Service protocol (LTS).

    Besides the web interface, LuciadFusion Studio comes bundled with a REST API to automate the operations available in the web interface.

    The back-end of LuciadFusion Studio is LuciadFusion Platform.

  • Using the OGC Web Server Suite.

    The OGC Web Server Suite is an API to create your own OGC Web Server (WMS, WFS, WCS and CSW).

There is overlap in what LuciadFusion Studio and the OGC Web Server Suite support. The following table gives an overview of the main characteristics of both products.

Use case LuciadFusion Studio OGC Web Server Suite

End-user product, usable out-of-the-box

: the UI can be customized if needed.

Requires writing custom code

Data management built in

Add custom services

: services have no access to the data

: you have full control over what the services can access

Support custom data formats

Customize existing formats

Automate the creation of services

: possible using the REST API

: possible, if you write such code yourself

Support WFS-T

: possible through coding

The LuciadFusion product also includes the Data Connectivity Manager. This is an end-user application to preprocess large raster data sets into multi-leveled and tiled versions, optimized for visualization in a client. The result of this preprocessing can be served through LuciadFusion Studio, just like any other geospatial data.

This product is built upon the preprocessing engine API for raster data available in LuciadLightspeed, and unrelated to LuciadFusion Studio and the OGC Web Server Suite.