The text in the LuciadFusion Studio UI is displayed in English by default. If you want to display the UI in another language, you must add a translation file for that language in the config/studio/static/i18n/translations folder.

Studio UI text translations are stored in JSON files consisting of key-value pairs. Each key in the file corresponds to the UI field that needs to be translated. The value is the display text in the target language. If a key is not present in the translation file, the default language is used in the UI field.

To create a translation file for a new target language, you can use a copy of an existing file as a baseline, and translate the text values to the target language. You must name the file according to the language identification codes used in web browsers, en.json for the English language file for example.

Those language codes are also known as locales. The codes may be listed in your browser language settings, or in the developer documentation for the browser. For instance, lists the codes used in Chrome.

A Spanish translation file es.json could contain the following translation for the Search button:

Example translation
"": "Buscar"

LuciadFusion Studio uses the language setting of the web browser it is running in to determine which translation file must be used. If there is no matching file for the language setting, the English language file will be used.