The default TLspMS2525bSymbolStyler used by the TLspMS2525bLayerBuilder class works with ILcdMS2525bCoded objects. When your domain objects cannot implement this interface, you can still use this layer builder class to visualize your data using military symbology.

However, you become responsible for creating the mapping from your domain object to a TLspMS2525bSymbolStyle instance:

// Configure the styling we want to use
TLcdDefaultMS2525bStyle style = TLcdDefaultMS2525bStyle.getNewInstance();
// Adjust some settings

//Create an TLspMS2525bSymbolStyle
//First create and configure a TLcdEditableMS2525bObject object,
//and convert it to a TLspMS2525bSymbolStyle using the builder
TLcdEditableMS2525bObject coded = new TLcdEditableMS2525bObject("10030100001101000000", ELcdMS2525Standard.MIL_STD_2525d);
coded.putTextModifier(ILcdMS2525bCoded.sMovementDirection, Double.toString(120));

TLspMS2525bSymbolStyle symbolStyle = TLspMS2525bSymbolStyle.newBuilder()

//Create a layer with a single point domain object
//which will be visualized using the created style
//In this example, all points will be styled the same because we use a fixed style
//Implement an ILspStyler if you need to map each domain object onto a separate TLspMS2525bSymbolStyle
TLcdLonLatPoint point = new TLcdLonLatPoint(0, 0);
TLcdVectorModel model =
    new TLcdVectorModel(new TLcdGeodeticReference(),
                        new TLcdModelDescriptor(null, "Tutorial", "Tutorial"));
model.addElement(point, ILcdModel.NO_EVENT);

ILspLayer layer = TLspMS2525bLayerBuilder.newBuilder()
                                         .bodyStyler(TLspPaintState.REGULAR, symbolStyle)
custom domain object

In this example, we only replaced the body styler. If you want to have labels for your domain object, you will have to do the same for the label styler.