This section outlines some considerations for backing up your deployment setup.

Backing up the application configuration

The application configuration files that have been adjusted to match your environment are explained in the deployment steps in Deploying the LuciadFusion Platform.

Backing up data

Within the configuration files, you have configured a location where LuciadFusion Studio stores data. The location specified in the configuration setting is the location where Studio stores its information. Data that has been uploaded with LuciadFusion Studio is copied into one of its sub-folders.

The default location of the Luciad Tile Store, used by the Tiling Engine, is specified with the configuration setting fusion.engine.tilestoreHome. It is a sub-folder of the Studio data store. If you have customized the value to a location outside the Studio data store location, you need to consider backing up this folder as well.

Backing up the database

The LuciadFusion Studio Services uses a database backend for storing the metadata of crawled data sets and the configuration of the products and services. The database backend is configured within the setting


See the PostgreSQL documentation on for specific instructions.


See the Oracle documentation on for specific instructions.

SQL Server

See the SQL Server documentation on for specific instructions.


The location where your H2 database files are located.