dcm license error

This error message indicates that you did not install the Data Connectivity Manager license in the correct location.

When you purchase LuciadFusion and the Data Connectivity Manager (DCM), you receive two licenses:

  • One for LuciadFusion

  • One for the DCM

The license file of LuciadFusion is for LuciadFusion Studio and Server and will be installed automatically by the installation process into the licenses folder. The license file for the Data Connectivity Manager has to be installed manually in the licenses folder under folder Data_Connectivity_Manager. You may need to create this folder if it does not yet exist.

The resulting folder structure looks like:

LuciadFusion installation folder
|_ licenses
|  |_ development.jar //Your LuciadFusion license
|_ Data_Connectivity_Manager
|  |_ licenses
|     |_ development.jar //Your DCM license
| ...