LuciadCPillar support for GeoTIFF

LuciadCPillar supports the decoding of GeoTIFF data through the GDAL library.

The GdalModelDecoder reference documentation lists the supported GeoTIFF features and the limitations.

Decoding example

Program (C++): Decoding GeoTIFF data
luciad::expected<std::shared_ptr<Model>, ErrorInfo> modelExpected = GdalModelDecoder::decode(source);
if (modelExpected.has_value()) {
  auto model = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<IRasterModel>(*modelExpected);
  if (model != nullptr) {
    // ...
} else {
  ErrorInfo errorInfo = modelExpected.error();
  std::cout << "could not be decoded: " << errorInfo.getMessage();
std::cout << std::endl;

See Visualizing Raster Data for more information about visualizing raster data.