C++ samples compilation fails with a long directory name on Windows

If you are using a directory with a long name for the LuciadCPillar sample project, the build may fail. To resolve this problem, either use a shorter path, or see the Visual Studio documentation for a solution.

The performance of the C# samples is bad

The UI Debugging Tools for XAML can affect the performance of the samples in Visual Studio.

To disable these tools in Visual Studio 2019 versions older than 16.8, go to Tools | Options | Debugging, and de-select the Enable UI Debugging Tools for XAML checkbox.

To disable these tools from Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8 onward, go to Tools | Options | Debugging | Hot Reload, and de-select the Enable XAML Hot Reload checkbox.

The application crashes before the main method is entered

Many parts of the API can only be used after the LuciadCPillar Environment has been created. For example, this is the case for:

If you use these classes too soon, they will throw an exception. When you are using C++ for example, this can happen when you are creating a coordinate reference during static initialization.

This tutorial shows you how to create the Environment.