Military Symbology

A sample that demonstrates the modeling, visualization, editing and creation of military icons and tactical graphics, for the MS2525 and APP6 standards. Note that for this sample to run correctly, you will also need the Military Symbology Component of LuciadFusion. See the Military symbology guide for more details.

The sample starts up with a few tactical graphics and icons already initialized on a map. Clicking on a feature will display a panel containing some of its properties. Modifying the properties can be done in this panel. The panel itself is part of sample. (Have a look at the cop/spotreports/SpotReportInfoPanelMilSym module).

To create a new icon or graphic, type a symbol name in the creation panel on the top of the view. Selecting an item from that list will start the creation process. Click on the map to draw your new military symbol. This panel is also part of sample. (Have a look at the symbology/CreationPanel module).

To edit an existing symbol, right-click the symbol and select edit. For devices that don't support right-click (such as touch-based devices), select a symbol and press "Edit Symbol" in the properties panel.

Not all modifiers that can be edited with the editing panel will change the visual presentation of the symbol. They only change the modifier of the object. This is for example the case for the "Country" modifier. This changes the attributes of the domain object, but does not change the visualization of the object. This is because the symbology standards, such as MS2525b, do not specify a change in visualization for all possible modifiers of the symbol.

This sample also demonstrates how to cluster military symbols. The following rules are applied: